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Wednesday, December 5, 2018 at 10:37
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Jacksons Tongue and Groove Fencing Installation, in Shrewsbury.

Our client wanted to border their new garden with a premium fence and this is why they chose Jacksons Fencing Tongue and Groove Wooden Fence, which has a 25 year guarantee against pests, diseases and rot.

To install the new fence we firstly removed the existing 27 metres of metal estate fencing which was secured by concrete to a depth of 600mm below ground. 

After the estate fencing was removed we dug fresh holes for the wooden fence posts at a depth of 800mm. The gravel boards and panels then slotted into the posts with everything screwed together. One side as the fence falls away which is accommodated with incremental step downs in the post height. 

The fence looks brilliant, with a smooth finish on the side facing the driveway, hedgehog holes in the gravel boards, and a capping board on the top to complete the installation. 

Prospective buyers of the house will be greeted by this fence as they approach up the driveway, adding further kudos to the sale.

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