If you have a project that you would like to discuss, then please feel free to get in touch. We’ll be happy to hear from you and it might give us the opportunity to flesh out some of your ideas.

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From small urban courtyards to large rural, rolling gardens, when we do designs for the garden in Shrewsbury, our clients are never limited to one style.

At Hornby Garden Designs we believe that a garden should reflect your style and your taste. It should work harmoniously ‘with’ the architecture, enhancing the outside space and creating an environment that is complementary. But above all, it should be the space that you want and by necessity, be a space you will enjoy for years.

It can be difficult for a lot of people to visualise garden designs. Where the best place for a water feature, a border, a tree of even a bench is. How plants can grow over the years and what might have seemed sparse, can quickly become a dense array of colour.  

This is why we will do what is required to ensure you can fully ‘see’ the scope of the project before we begin. If for instance we are looking at an extensive garden design project, we will present construction drawing and a planting plan – explaining how plants will mature over the years and how the appearance of your garden will change with the seasons. 

At our first meeting with you we will work together to define your requirements and to develop a concept. This will entail us asking you a number of fundamental questions such as:

What are you looking for in your garden?

a paved terrace area?
flowers or plants for your reception area?
a manicured lawn?
a water feature?
raised beds to contain your plants?
a sandpit and a climbing frame for the children?
pots and containers, and if so what kind?
a pergola or arbour?

Do you already have a style in mind?

lush abundant planting?
an english cottage look?
a minimalist contemporary space with designer plants?
a Mediterranean gravel garden?
classic elegance or something else?

Once we have answered these questions, then we will carry out a formal site analysis, preparing the garden design brief and drawing up the presentation plan. This plan we will then discuss with you, adapting as necessary until you are completely happy with the proposal.  Apart from meeting your needs and your tastes, this proposal will also be designed to meet your budget.

Sitting down with one of our consultants you will find that we can design everything from water features to pergolas, arbours to simple window boxes. While if there is something specific that you are looking for, we can source a wide range of garden furniture from around the world. This also includes sculptures and other decorative elements.

It may be that you are looking to simply update or refresh your garden. In which case then we are only too happy to help with this. Have a look at our services and you’ll see that we can supply the level of support that you feel most comfortable with.